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Move In/Out Cleaning - Apartment Turnover

During your move-out cleaning, we focus on important areas that often get overlooked during everyday cleaning sessions. If you are moving out of an apartment, this gives you the best chance at receiving your cleaning deposit back. Having our team of professionals clean your space for you gives you the time you need to pack, organize, and load up your moving truck. Trust that we can do an excellent job of getting a truly thorough clean.


What We Clean:


  • Clean interior and exterior of the oven

  • Clean interior and exterior of the fridge

  • Clean behind and under the fridge

  • Clean interior and exterior of microwave

  • Hand-wash the interior and exterior of cabinets

  • Hand-wash the interior and exterior of drawers

  • Hand-wash clean the backsplash

  • Hand-wash clean the counters

  • Hand-wash clean the stove

Disinfect toilets and scrubbed clean

  • Tub and shower scrubbed clean

  • Sanitized and hand wash sinks

  • Shower glass cleaned

  • cleaned and shined mirrors

  • cleaned and shined fixtures 

Wash and scrub tile

  • Remove trash from the house

  • Dust blinds

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Hand-wash window sills

  • Hand-wash door glass on both sides

  • Hand-wash sliding glass doors

  • Hand wipe the tracks

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